Gladion and Silvally Switch It Up in Pokemon Masters EX

Gladion Silvally Pokemon Masters EX

Gladion and Silvally have been added to the Sync Pair Scout in Pokemon Masters EX. The duo have been added alongside Pokemon Sun and Moon antagonist Lusamine. Additionally, Gladion and Silvally will be bringing something of an interesting kit with them that’s based on Silvally’s unique nature. Pokemon Masters EX players will be able to roll for this pair at increased rates until October 1, 2020.

As mentioned above, Gladion and Silvally have something of a unique skill set. Anyone familiar with Pokemon Sun and Moon will probably have an idea as to what that may be. Players will be able to switch Silvally’s type as they fight. This will affect Silvally’s weaknesses and what type its Multi-Attack will be. This is great for players that want to utilize Type Skills to further empower their teams.

You can watch the video demonstration for Gladion and Silvally below:

Gladion and Silvally have been added to Pokemon Masters EX alongside The Family Ties event. This new story features Lusamine, Gladion, and Lillie from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Lusamine is currently part of the Sync Pair Scout banner, and players will have a chance at obtaining her at an increased rate until October 1, 2020 as well.

Pokemon Masters EX is currently celebrating its one year anniversary. During this time, players can log in to receive various rewards including free gems and upgrade materials. For the occasion, Sygna Suit Red, Leaf, and Blue have been added to select Sync Pair Scouts.

Pokemon Masters EX is immediately available for Android and iOS devices.

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