Go! Go! Sound Rangers! New Rhythm Game Blasting From Capcom




Capcom are bringing in a twist to battling baddies with Power Rangers on your iPhone with Sound Rangers: Rhythm & Battle! A new IP, it melds traditional RPG elements such as fighting bad guys like Kewpie dolls and plants as power rangers with the, er, powers, of music.


Much like traditional music games such as Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! or Pop’n’Music, Sound Rangers has players hitting buttons (representing each color of power ranger) in time to on-screen prompts on a circular dial while music plays. Do well in a section and the combos and powers of the rangers will beat up the enemy. Mini-games during battle include punching in button combos quickly for damaging attacks or rapidly swirling a power wheel to enhance the ranger’s megarobot.


RPG elements similar to other free-to-play titles include being able to level up your rangers for more damage and health, capturing and converting monsters (The video suggests there might be a magical girl gang as well) and using them in the lineup. There will be more than 300 characters to fight/capture and more than 100 songs.