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God Eater 3 Goes Over Adaptive God Eaters, Ash Aragami And God Arcs


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Bandai Namco has a bevy of God Eater 3 information for people anticipating the PlayStation 4 and PC game. It offers ideas as to what life in the Ashlands is like, showing people how this different region influences the Aragami and God Eaters living within them.


To start, Ashlands are hazardous wastelands that are difficult for people to live in, which means those who do attempt to stay in the area must live in Ports. These are basically underground bunkers. Fortunately, people like our avatar and Hugo Pennywort, the God Eater who grew up with our playable character and is essentially a brother figure, have developed some natural resistances while living there and are known as Adaptive God Eaters. They are resistant to the Ashland’s air and are stronger than normal God Eaters, making them like Aragami. In the new trailer, they refer to themselves as AGE.


Unfortunately, Aragami also end up being altered by this environment, which makes them stronger than normal. These are considered Ash Aragami. Two of these beasts are Anubis and Ra.


God Eater 3 will have two new kinds of God Arcs for players to use. One is the Biting Edge. It is a dual-bladed weapon. Think of it as being similar to knives. There is also the Ray Gun. This is a ranged-weapon we have seen in screenshots before. It shoots out a ray of energy.


In addition, a new God Eater 3 trailer has been released. It offers a look at a fight against an Ashborn Aragami. It also seems like we get to see the Engage System and Ray Gun in action.



God Eater 3 is in development for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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