God Eater Online Details On New And Familiar Elements From The Beta Test



From today through November 21, Bandai Namco is hosting an open beta test for their upcoming smartphone game, God Eater Online. Here are the latest details and screenshots from the testing.



God Eater Online is the series’ first smartphone game. Labeled as a “MMO Hunting Action” game, it allows for up to 100 players to gather together on the battlefield and take out monsters in real-time action.


It features plenty of familiar elements from the series, such as the “God Arc”  weapons, which you’ll get to purchase and power up. It also features plenty of elements unique to the smartphone game.




God Eater Online is set in a world that takes place years after the events of God Eater 2: Rage Burst. The setting is also different, as it focuses on a branch located in the Himalayas. The open beta test allows players to check out the first chapter.






In addition to the online battles that can have up to 100 players in on the action at once, it’ll also feature quests called “Order” that is more like the traditional God Eater games that require four players to take on Aragami.



The “Abyss Factor” is a new element that is learned as your character level increases. These are skills that can provide buffs or powerful attacks. Not only do they become stronger as you level them up, but they’ll also change in appearance. The above image demonstrates the Hammer’s “Meteor Smash.”



Next up, we have a look at the “Abyss Aragami Bullet,” which is basically a powerful attack that comes in the shape of an Aragami. These are available after devouring an Aragami and using it as a new special shot. The new special shot not only packs a punch along with its effects, but now has the visuals that come from the Aragami.


God Eater Online is expected to launch this year for Android and iOS.

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