Godzilla Battle Line Trailer Shows More Details From the Strategy Game

Godzilla Battle Line

TOHO Games published a new trailer for Godzilla Battle Line. The video shows more details about the upcoming mobile real-time strategy game. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Players will form a team of up to eight units consisting of collected kaijus and military armaments. Many kaijus from the franchise will appear in this game. Other than Godzilla, it will also include Mothra, Biollante, and King Ghidorah.

Through a global matchmaking system, two players will duke it out in a three-minute battle. Each player will deploy and move the units in real-time. The units also have special moves with varying attack ranges. A player will win the match by defeating the opponent’s leader Kaiju.

Other than Battle Line, TOHO Games will also release two more Godzilla mobile games with different genres. Run Godzilla, a simulation game where players raise a Kaiju to participate in races, is immediately available outside Japan. Godzilla Destruction, an action game where Godzilla fights against militaries and other Kaijus in various cities, will be released simultaneously worldwide on April 27, 2021. A board game based on the famous franchise is also currently under production.

Godzilla Battle Line is planned to be released worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices by May 2021. Several countries may see the game launch earlier in April 2021.

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