Godzilla VS Evangelion Will Have a New Fusion in Pachinko

Godzilla VS Evangelion fusion in pachinko

The crossover between Evangelion and Godzilla will appear again in Japan’s pachinko centers. Khara and Toho revealed that they are working with Bisty and Fields to release a new pachinko machine titled P Godzilla VS Evangelion ~G Cell Awakening~. It will feature a new story that includes an original fusion between Evangelion Unit-01 and Godzilla.

The pachinko title’s storyline will have events from Godzilla and Evangelion take place in the same universe, with the former happening earlier. After a mysterious disappearance, the eponymous kaiju will reappear in the middle of the battle between NERV and the Angels. King Ghidorah will also appear as the leader of the Angels. Godzilla will then launch a beam toward Evangelion Unit-01’s core that gives the latter a new transformation with the kaiju’s features in order to fight King Ghidorah on a more equal footing.

The story trailer for P Godzilla VS Evangelion ~G Cell Awakening~ is available to watch right below:

Other than a new story, the pachinko machine will also feature three new songs. Rei Ayanami’s voice actress, Megumi Hayashibara, will perform two new songs, “Shuuketsu no Hate ni (At the End of the Gathering)” and “Shuuketsu no Toki ~Territory~ (The Time of Gathering),” while the “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” singer, Yoko Takahashi, will bring her newest song, “Teardrops of Hope.”

The collaboration between Godzilla and Evangelion has been widely known since 2016, and most of the crossover projects appeared throughout the year. The collaboration also appeared in two Japanese mobile games: Monster Strike and Super Robot Wars X-Omega. While the latter title is no longer available, it featured an Evangelion Unit-01-colored MFS-3 MechaGodzilla in addition to the Godzilla itself.

P Godzilla VS Evangelion ~G Cell Awakening~ will appear in pachinko slot centers in Japan.

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