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Golf Story Is Basically Stardew Golf, And It Tees Up For Nintendo Switch This Summer



Sidebar Games has announced that their golfing game, Golf Story, is headed to the Nintendo Switch sometime this summer. The game follows the story of a golfer who gives up everything he loves for one final shot at achieving his dream.


Here’s a look at the official announcement trailer for Golf Story.


The game, however, isn’t just a golfing title, as it features many RPG-centric elements, as well. Players will be able to meet a “diverse cast of characters,” as well as explore eight different environments, each complete with their own golf courses. Upgrading your golfer will be done through completing various challenges, solving puzzles, and buying new equipment. And if you ever got tired of golfing, there are plenty of other challenges to keep you busy in the game, such as races, mowing, drone flights and even geocaching.


To learn more about Golf Story, you can visit the game’s official website.


Golf Story is set to release for the Nintendo Switch sometime in summer 2017.