Good Fire Emblem Engage Enchanter Character Options Fell Xenologue

Good Fire Emblem Engage Enchanter Character Options

When it comes to the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue Enchanter class, you have a little more freedom when picking a character (or characters) to fill that role. Its Mystic Satchel class change item isn’t as expensive as the Mage Cannoneer’s. (It’s 28,000G with a Silver Card and 40,000G without.) You also don’t need to worry about character stats or growth rates when choosing someone to fill that role. From what I found, it’s really about seeing who is on-hand that meets the artes and dagger requirements and you think would work best supporting allies, perhaps even over actually fighting.

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Think of it this way. With your dancer Seadall, you ideally want him to always be dancing. Attacking? Him? No. Go dance with Alear or somebody strong so they can continue their path of destruction. With the Enchanter, you could have them attack, but ideally have them use Weapon Surge to boost the power of one kind of weapon for the whole battle, then Item Surge to make allies stronger.


Framme is in a weird position! You don’t really want her to attack. She’s basically your early healer. But then, you get a lot of other characters who can use staves as part of their classes and who might honestly work better as a healer for your group. So, I say make her an Enchanter. It makes her viable later in the game. She’ll also already have the artes requirement met. You just need to get her up to speed with daggers, and she’ll be good. I’d even say give her the Byleth Emblem Ring and make her an Enchanter and “Dancer.”


Lindon can be a really strong mage! But he’s also sort of a “bonus” character you don’t even have to recruit in the game. Not to mention by the time you recruit him, you probably have a lot of other great magic users casting spells. If you are looking for an excuse to use this character, giving him the Mystic Satchel and making him your Enchanter after the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue could work out.

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Okay. Yunaka is great as a thief, and she fits well into a lot of other classes too. The Enchanter features high speed, which can suit her. Also, while you ideally want her attacking a lot, there can be some downtime for her. Especially since you want to protect her and maybe not put her in harm’s way. So on turns when she can’t get near an enemy to attack, she could be using Item Surge to make everyone else in the army better. You just need to make sure she meets that artes requirement, and you’ll be set.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch, as is the Fell Xenologue DLC.

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