Good Fire Emblem Engage Mage Cannoneer Character Options

Good Fire Emblem Engage Mage Cannoneer Character Options

The Mage Cannoneer from the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue DLC is expensive, which means you’ll want to be careful when picking a character to take on that role. Especially since, upon unlocking it, the game even stresses you need someone with high build, dexterity, and strength stats. While some people who meet those requirements may have unique classes, like Diamant, there are a few others who could work out well in the role.

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So, here are some suggestions characters who might be good options for your Mage Cannoneer in Fire Emblem Engage. I mean, when a single Mage Cannon is 63,000G with a Silver Card and 90,000G without, and you only get one as a reward, you need to be cautious!


Okay, this is one I like just because it can be funny. Anna’s build and strength are both low, which would hurt her hit rate as a Mage Cannoneer character once you get the class item after the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue campaign. However, her dexterity has the potential to be amazing, especially with her growth rate considered. If you give her Tiki’s Emblem Bracelet, which adds 15% to growth rates, you could turn her into an amazing unit.

fire emblem engage mage cannoneer enchanter unlock


This could be fantastic for him! Boucheron suffers from being an early-game unit who could honestly be outclassed by later recruits. His starting STR and BLD are both high, which will help with his hit rate as a Mage Cannoneer. While his DEX starts out low, its is one of his best growth rates. This is a fantastic way to make him relevant, and his stats support him being good at the role!


Bunet is in a very weird position! When he joins up, you probably already have cavalry who might be useful to you. He also doesn’t stand out in the same way as other Solm retainers like Merrin or Pandreo. So… make him a Mage Cannoneer! He has high BLD, DEX, and STR to start out rather high, and he has good growth rates in all three areas. Boucheron beats him in BLD and DEX, but Bunet’s odds at higher STR are better.


I like leaving Mauvier in his starting class, because he’s fantastic as a Royal Knight. But if you want to make him into your Mage Cannoneer character in Fire Emblem Engage, it probably would work out for him! He starts out with high BLD, DEX, and STR, and his growth rates in all three are pretty great! Boucheron is better for DEX and STR, but still.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch, as is the Fell Xenologue DLC.

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