Granblue Fantasy One Piece Event Adds Luffy, Uta, Robin and Nami

one piece film red granblue fantasy luffy

Cygames shared more information on the One Piece Film: Red crossover event that will run in Granblue Fantasy. It will launch on September 14 and run until September 25, 2022. The event will grant players two new playable characters, as well as a new summon. There is also a trailer for the event available on YouTube.

Luffy will be a playable character, while Nami and Robin will team up as a single unit. Hijikata and Okita in the Gintama event worked the same way, as do some of the units native to Granblue Fantasy. You can uncap Luffy to unlock two more pieces of artwork for him. Uta also appears as a summon, with Kaori Nazuka reprising her role.

The trailer is part of the Granblue Fantasy live-stream and features voice actor jokes. For reference, Rackam’s voice actor Hiroaki Hirata also voiced Sanji in One Piece. During the trailer, Rackam is a good cook and calls the women of the crew ‘mademoiselles,’ just like Sanji does. Walder is also prominent in the trailer, serving as the sane man to Rackam. Walder’s voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi also voices Usopp in One Piece.

Granblue Fantasy is available on mobile devices and Internet browser. The One Piece Film: Red and Granblue Fantasy crossover event will run from September 14 to September 25, 2022.

Stephanie Liu
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