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Granblue Fantasy Relink Director Talks Multiplayer, Playable Characters, And Possible PC Release


Cygames recently shared the latest of the upcoming PlatinumGames-developed action RPG Granblue Fantasy Relink. Director Tetsuya Fukuhara talked about multiplayer, number of playable characters, possible PC release in an interview with Famitsu.]


Here are some highlights from the interview [Thanks, Gamestalk.]:

  • The story is set in Zega Grand, which made a little appearance in the main story. It was decided from the planning stages that the game would be set somewhere that wouldn’t require any prior knowledge, so that those who’ve yet to play Granblue Fantasy can jump right into its story. Basically, as long as you know that “Granblue Fantasy is a story set in the skies” then there shouldn’t be any problems.


  • While there are connections from the main quest to the story, it takes place about a little bit past the current main quest as of December 2018.


  • The necklace Vyrn has is the same kind of item as the voice transmitting devices used by Eustace, who belongs in in an “organization” in this game. With this, you can talk to the characters outside of the party through Vyrn.


  • The Primal Beasts in this game will all be new, and you’ll see them as villains and allies. There will also be many new characters. A lot of them are deep characters.


  • It is also being considered to bring in characters and story from the game into the regular Granblue Fantasy.


  • As for gameplay, you’ll be required to advance through stages to beat bosses, and going to certain destinations to progress through the story. There are various locations souch as vast fields and snowy mountains, along with sub-quests that will have exploring elements and more.


  • I can’t share a specific number of playable characters. However, for example in Bayonetta we prepared unique motions for each weapon type, and you were able to enjoy different kinds of fighting styles. If you count each weapon as a playable character, then there should be a considerable amount [of playable characters] for this kind of game.


  • You’ll unlock playable characters by advancing through the game and meeting certain requirements.


  • In Multiplayer you can select out of characters that have been unlocked. Since character progression is different for everyone, you’ll get to use the same characters.


  • For multiplayer, the team is wants to have higher difficulty quests unlock after clearing the main story, but also have easier quests that you can enjoy with other players before clearing the story.


  • Its development completion rate is about as far as Granblue Fantasy Versus. However, since Granblue Fantasy Relink has high volume, it might be Versus that releases first.


  • The team wants to release the game on not just PS4 but are also considering Steam.


Granblue Fantasy Relink is in development for PlayStation 4. You can check out its latest trailer, screenshots, and details in our previous report.

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