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Granblue Fantasy Versus Has An Original Story With Beginner And Veteran-Friendly Gameplay



Cygames announced a brand-new fighting game called Granblue Fantasy Versus that is being made by Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works. Director Tetsuya Fukuhara had more to share in an interview with Famitsu.


Here are highlights from the interview [Thanks, Gamestalk.]:

  • The reason we [Cygames] went with Arc System Works was because the Guilty Gear series and BlazBlue series have a style that is a fit with Granblue Fantasy.


  • In order to avoid one of the possibilities of alienating beginners and those who don’t play games much, it won’t be a combo-heavy game.


  • We want those who’ve only played smartphone games enjoy it too, so you’ll get to do all the special attacks with one button.


  • On the other hand, it is being made into something with plenty of action and depth so that the skilled players will also enjoy it. We’re putting Arc System Works’ know0how, so it’s safe to expect something good.


  • The game speed is modest, and combos are as simple as it gets.


  • The game is shaping up to be something that will let you do difficult elements such as juggling and aerials in limited situations.


  • We’ll get to see abilities and Charge Attacks as skills in the game. For example, Lancelot uses Blade Impulse as his special attack, and he can use Weissfluegel that comes with a cutscene for a Charge Attack.


  • Gran’s Rage ability has different stages of attack increase, Katalina’s Light wall has a super armor effect that can be used to go for counters.


  • There are other effects based on Triple Attack, HP Recovery, Attribute Attack Up, and more.


  • The characters that were announced first are more on the standard side, but later on we’ll see some more announcements in the future with different kinds of characters.


  • The team wants to add more characters via DLC.


  • Gran is practically based on the one from the anime. There aren’t any job elements, but he fights together with Lyria and Vyrn, so we’ll get to see him summon Primal Beasts and such as his super specials.


  • A lot of focus is going into the story mode. While it’ll be an original story for those who aren’t familiar with Granblue Fantasy, there are some elements that will make it more enjoyable for those who’ve played events from the original game.


  • Since there are people who don’t like the idea of “winning or losing” we’re considering a way of playing that could take care of that.


  • It will have online versus support. We’re planning for player matching and ranked matching.


  • We’re thinking about releasing it on Steam. An arcade version is also in consideration.


  • Development is about 60% complete. The fundamentals are pretty much done, and from here it’ll be a stage of increasing quality.


Granblue Fantasy Versus is in development for PlayStation 4. Check out the new fighter’s first trailer, screenshots, and details in our previous report.

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