Granblue Fantasy’s Pretty Cure Collab Event Starts October 14, Halloween Mini-Event October 17



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It’s a new month and that means we have new events to look forward to in Granblue Fantasy. Producer Yuito Kimura shared the latest update for this month’s events on the game’s official website.


The first is the PreCure collaboration event that features Cure Black and Cure White and other Pretty Cure characters starting October 14, 2018.


The mini-Halloween event, “Halloween Night ~Itoshi, Tanoshiki, Okashi to Kobushi~ (~Lovely, Fun, Sweets and Fists~) will begin on October 17 featuring a limited-time quest that will let you enjoy Halloween activities with characters.


You’ll get to check out mini-stories during the event along with a special event quest that awards players with a Halloween character gacha ticket for clearing. Each day there will be short scenes with the Halloween characters.



The 5th Eternals skin will be available for sale including a Halloween outfit for Fif. If you missed last year’s Halloween event, it’ll be available as a rerun as well.



October’s Side Story is “Between Frost and Flame” featuring Percival and Aglovale.


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Skins that were previously available via the Granblue Fantasy TCG will now be available through the Side Story for Percival and Lancelot. Those who already got the skins will be given 10,000 Crystals for compensation.



Lastly, an SSR Monika will be available as announced during  a recent live stream. You can get her by clearing Point Aquila, Point Bellator, and Point Celsus on Hard difficulty, which unlocks her as an Arcarum points purchase. She’ll be available sometime in mid-October.


We can also expect to see some redesigns in the game’s UI for the My Page menu, and over 49 new skins in the next update, which you can check out over at the blog post.


Granblue Fantasy is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

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