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Grandia HD Collection Will Arrive On The Nintendo Switch On August 16, 2019


grandia hd collection release date


Grandia and Grandia II are coming to the Nintendo Switch sooner than people might expect. Grandia HD Collection will be coming to the console on August 16, 2019. This will give people a chance to play Grandia HD Remaster and Grandia II HD Remaster at any time on the go in HD and with UI updates, Japanese and English voice acting, and support for English, French, German, and Japanese subtitles.


Grandia is the story of a young man named Justin. After finding an odd relic at an archeological dig, he decides to follow its instructions and take the first steps toward becoming an adventurer like his father. He ends up heading off with friends to the city of Alent, but this artifact is something others want and the group is being pursued by dangerous faces.


Grandia II follows Ryudo, a mercenary who is supposed to escort Elena, a songstress, to a tower for a ritual. As part of it, Elena ands up possessed by Millennia, a woman who is the manifestation of a piece of Valmar that now shares her existence with Elena. The trio and their party must deal with the pieces of Valmar and a fight against a force that threatens the whole world.


Grandia HD Collection will come to the Nintendo Switch on August 16, 2019. Grandia II HD Remaster is already available on the PC, though it was originally known as Grandia II Anniversary Edition. Grandia HD Remaster does not yet have a PC release date.

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