Grimoire of Zero Is Getting Its First Smartphone Game This Summer In Japan



Popular light novel series Grimoire of Zero (Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho) is getting its anime adaptation next month as well as the series’ first smartphone game this summer in Japan.


Grimoire of Zero’s upcoming smartphone game is being made by GREE in collaboration with Kadokawa ASCII and Media Works.


The above is a look at the game’s first trailer. If you’re wondering about the story of Grimoire of Zero, it takes place in a world of sorcery and magic and follows the journey of Zero, a witch who is looking for a magic book called “The Grimoire of Zero” that is said to be powerful enough to destroy the world, along with the half-man, half-beast mercenary known as “fallen beast” who desires to be a full human.




In Grimoire of Zero’s first game, we’ll see the world and setting intact as well as many familiar faces. While details remain light for the time being, the game will let you create your very own crew of sorcerers and the RPG is said to have flashy magic battles as well as social aspects.


Pre-registration is now up on the game’s official website and they’re currently adding more rewards for the number of early registrations.


Grimoire of Zero’s smartphone game launches in Japan in Summer 2017.

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