PlayStation 4

Gundam Versus On PS4’s First Gameplay Footage Shows Its Flashy Awakening System



Bandai Namco has been showing the latest Gundam Versus game on PS4 behind closed doors, and today they shared a first look during a “Gundam Festival #3” live stream.


The debut gameplay footage recorded from the live stream gives us a look at the first two match of the game. It gives us a look at its basic action as well as background music from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 opening theme Daybreak’s Bell by L’Arc-en-Ciel. The game will feature various music from the anime as its tracks as well.


During the footage we get to see more of the “Awakening System” with both types of “Blaze Gear” and “Lightning Gear,” and they look pretty awesome in action. You can read more detail about the new system and the “Boost Drive” in our earlier report. In case you’re wondering, the game runs in full-HD resolution and 60fps.


Gundam Versus is in development for PlayStation 4.

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