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Gungrave VR Goes All Out With Dual Guns And Multiple Perspectives In Its E3 2018 Trailer



Gungrave VR is the prologue to the upcoming sequel Gungrave G.O.R.E. and it comes with different play styles to go with its iconic dual gun action.


Here’s a look at the latest in its E3 2018 trailer from Xseed Games:

In Gungrave VR, players take control of Grave with his iconic set of dual guns, Cerberus, and will have to master different playstyles to take down the various foes that stand in his way. Levels consist either of free-moving third-person gameplay or first-person action that includes both stationary and mobile sections, offering players a variety of modes to help put them in the shoes of the resurrected Millennion agent himself. With an array of shooting attacks, close-range strikes using Grave’s coffin, Bullet Time, and more, Gungrave VR brings an authentic Gungrave experience to virtual reality for the very first time.


Gungrave VR releases in Fall 2018 for PlayStation VR.

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