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Happy Manager Trailer Gives Us A Tour Of The PSVR Love Sim Where You’re The Apartment Manager


Happy Manager_しあわせ荘の管理人さん。_screenshot (1)

D3 Publisher released the first trailer for Happy Manager, the upcoming PlayStation VR title, where you’re the manager of a building that houses three female tenants.


As previously detailed, Happy Manager puts you in the shoes of an apartment manager, and you’ll do everything from your usual management work to communicating and getting to know the girls better.


The three girls are Himari Takeyama (top), the 21-year-old trendy girl who jumps from hobby to hobby; the Barbara Christine Tachibana (below), the 18-year-old half-Japanese girl who has trouble socializing with others; Shizuka Sakurai (bottom), the 20-year-old “princess” who was born to a wealthy family.


Happy Manager_しあわせ荘の管理人さん。_screenshot  (3)

Happy Manager_しあわせ荘の管理人さん。_screenshot  (2)

Happy Manager releases in Japan sometime in early 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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