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Heads Will Literally Roll Off In Lapis x Labyrinth


lapis abyss 4

Lapis x Labyrinth launches today in Japan, and Nippon Ichi has revealed a few final details for the dungeon-spelunking action platformer. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Regular Attacks & Job Actions

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Apart from Assist Orders and Extra Orders, your main party character can perform Regular Attacks and Class Actions. Regular Attacks can be chained for up to five hits, while Job Actions are performed by holding direction keys to change up your follow-up attacks.


Removed Head

lapis abyss 4

When you get hit, a party member may fall off your Dango due to the impact. If left alone in that state, they will continuously take damage, so while battling, make sure to check the state of your party.


In order to bring the party member back onto your head, just run near them. If you forget to bring them back and progress to the next stage, they will immediately be knocked out.


Head Footstool

lapis abyss 5

Usually you can only jump twice, but if you have any Heads stacked on top of you, you can jump off them for an extra jump. They’ll automatically return to your stack afterwards.


Equipment & Cost

lapis abyss 6

Party equipment includes weapons, armor, artifacts, magic stones, and snacks. Some equipment raise stats for certain job classes, and some affect the entire party. There is a limit to how much equipment can be worn thanks to an equipment Cost, so think about the equipment balance across the whole party.



lapis abyss 7

For every floor you beat, you can eat a Snack if you brought any along. These can restore your health, cure status conditions, and more.


Opening dungeon gates

lapis abyss 8

lapis abyss 9

When the stage begins, the goal gate is locked. You’ll need to destroy the above type of purple objects in order to open it. By destroying each one, the bottom-right gauge will fill up, and the higher it goes, the higher the number of keys to open chests you get. That’s why players will want to make sure every purple device has been destroyed.



lapis abyss 10

lapis abyss 11

There is an in-game encyclopedia of items, and you can easily tell how many you’ve collected so far with the percentage on the right side. There is also a monster bestiary that lists monsters you’ve defeated before.


Finally, the third mini-trailer for the game was released as well. Check that out below:


Lapis x Labyrinth releases in Japan on November 29, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game releases in Asia in Spring 2019.

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