Best Class for Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

Helpful Fire Emblem Engage Jean Classes, Skills, and Emblem Rings

While Jean isn’t “classified” as a Villager in Fire Emblem Engage, he’s basically this entry’s Villager. For those unfamiliar, this means he can become an absolutely incredible unit! He could be well-suited for a number of different roles. This is due to his unique Expertise personal skill that guarantees him enhanced stat growth when he levels up. This means that when it comes to a Jean build in Fire Emblem Engage, the best class, skills, and Emblem Ring can vary based on what you’d like him to do.

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Possible Jean Classes in Fire Emblem Engage

When Jean joins your party in Fire Emblem Engage, his starting class is Martial Monk, which is probably a best case scenario at the time. By the time you recruit him, the only healer you have is Framme, so getting a second person to act as a cleric is handy. With his starting stats, his dexterity, resistance, and speed are highest. So it’d seem like those all support that kind of a build and eventual ascension to a Martial Master. His highest growth rates are in dexterity and speed as well.

Since Jean’s strength and magic stats are about equal and have equal growth, you could really do anything with him. If you wanted to pursue a magical route, it might be wise to make him a Mage Knight, Sage, or High Priest. His Mag can get pretty high, and it skills like Chaos Style, Spell Harmony, or Self-Healing could all benefit him by either increasing his damage output or survivability.

If you wanted to try a more physical approach, then it could be fun to pick a class that also focuses on Dex and Spd. Jean can become a really great Thief, for example. You could also spend that time making him great with a dagger and eventually shift him over to the Wolf Knight path. Or, if you want him to be a supporter who can occasionally attack, maybe make him an Enchanter.

Possible Jean Rings in Fire Emblem Engage

If you bought the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass, then give the Tiki Emblem Bracelet to Jean as his Emblem Ring. Her skill is Starsphere, which “grants unit enhanced stat growth when leveling up,” and it stacks with Jean’s Expertise that does the same thing. He will become a little, adorable monster.

As for more specific builds… well, if you go with a magical route for Jean, then pair him up with Celica or Soren. If you want to go with a more physical route, then perhaps consider Lyn or Chrom and Robin. You could also pick Eirika, to increase his survivability.

Possible Jean Skills in Fire Emblem Engage

If you want Jean to be a supporter and healer, here are some of the best skills for him to learn.

  • Geosphere+: 1,000 SP and level 16 bond with Tiki. “At start of player phase, if there are allies adjacent to unit, grants Def/Res+5 to unit and those allies for 1 turn.”
  • Lifesphere++: 3,000 SP and level 19 bond with Tiki. “If unit uses Wait without attacking or using items, restores 40 HP and heals status effects.”
  • Quality Time+: 500 SP and level 18 bond with Corrin. “After unit acts or waits, restores 10 HP to adjacent allies and slightly increases support with them.”
  • Rally Spectrum+: 2,000 SP and level 18 bond with Chrom and Robin. “Use to grant allies within 2 spaces +3 to all seven basic stats for 1 turn.”

Should your Jean become a magical attacker, consider these abilities.

  • Anima Focus: 800 SP and level 5 bond with Soren. “When using tomes, unit inflicts Def-3 with fire, Hit-20 with thunder, or Mov-2 with wind magic for 1 turn.”
  • Block Recovery: 1,500 SP and level 13 bond with Soren. “When attacking a broken foe with a tome, grants a cahnce the foe will remain broken. Chance increases with high Spd.”
  • Magic Guard 5: 1,000 SP and level 19 bond with Soren. “If foe is equipped with a tome, unit takes 5 less damage during combat.”
  • Resonance+: 3,000 SP and level 16 bond with Celica. “When equipped with a tome, if unit’s HP is 2 or more, unit loses 1 HP at start of combat and deals +3 damage during combat.
  • Tome Precision 5: 2,000 SP and level 17 bond with Celica. “Grants Hit/Avo+15 when using a tome.

If you want Jean to be a physical attacker, maybe teach him these skills.

  • Alacrity++: 3,000 SP and level 18 bond with Lyn. “If unit initiates combat with a Spd advantage of 5 or more, unit’s follow up (if possible) occurs before foe can counterattack.”
  • Brute Force: 1,500 SP and level 8 bond with Chrom and Robin. “While making a physical attack, critical hits deal increased damage.”
  • Canter+: 2,000 SP and level 13 bond with Sigurd. “Unit can move 3 spaces after acting.”
  • Dodge +30: 2,500 SP and level 19 bond with Eirika. “Grants Ddg+30.”
  • Gentility+: 3,000 SP and level 18 bond with Eirika. “Unit takes 5 less damage.”
  • Surprise Attack: 3,000 SP and level 5 bond with Chrom and Robin. “If unit initiates combat from terrain that provides an Avo bonus, foe cannot counterattack.”

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch, as is the Fell Xenologue DLC.

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