Here Are the Games Shown at the Future of Play 2024 Direct
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Here Are the Games Shown at the Future of Play 2024 Direct

During the 2024 edition of the Future of Play Direct, Glitch showcased over 30 upcoming indie games. In addition, renowned Japanese composer Motoi Sakuraba appeared during the lead up to the showcase to promote ALZARA Radiant Echoes, one of the games featured during the event, and one of the composer’s next works.

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ALZARA Radiant Echoes is a turn-based RPG inspired by classic Japanese roleplaying games and the setting of the Mediterranean Sea, and is set to release in 2026. Some other titles shown during the presentation include Zodiac XX: Leo, a stylish underwater arcade piloting game in which players undercover a sci-fi political drama while taking the role of the ZODIAC squadron. From the developers of Unsighted comes Abyss X Zero, a 3D Metroidvania with low poly visuals where players play as the heroes known as Codename A and Codename Z.

  • Abyss X Zero (PC) – TBA
  • Zodiac XX: Leo (PC) – TBA
  • Battle Suit Aces (PC) – TBA
  • All Systems Dance (PC) – TBA
  • Yooka-Replaylee (PC, Consoles) – TBA
  • Nova Hearts (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch) – TBA (Demo Available)
  • A Date with Death – Beyond the Bet DLC (PC) – December 9, 2024
  • LOK Digital (PC) – 2024
  • Croakwood (PC) – TBA
  • Cozy Marbles (PC) – TBA (Demo Available)
  • Phoenix Springs (PC) – September 16, 2024
  • REKA (PC) – TBA (Demo available)
  • Sandara: City of a Thousand Eclipses (PC) – TBA
  • Airborne Empire (PC) – Q3 2024 (Demo Available)
  • Dungeon Clawler (PC) – Q3 2024 (Demo Available)
  • N.O.D.E. (PC) – 2025 (Demo Available June 2024)
  • Copycat (PC) – September 2024
  • Light Odyssey (PC) – Q4 2024
  • Psychroma (PC) – TBA
  • Slay the Princess: The Pristine Cut (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch) – Fall 2024
  • Echo Generation: Midnight Edition (PC, Switch) – July 19, 2024
  • Rooster (PC) – 2025
  • ALZARA Radiant Echoes (PC, Consoles) – 2026
  • Timberborn (PC) – Out on Early Access
  • Bubblegum Galaxy (PC) – TBA (Demo Available)
  • Retro Gadgets (PC) – Out on Early Access
  • Nomori (PC) – Q3 2025
  • Margin of the Strange (PC) – TBA
  • Rose and Locket (PC) – TBA (Demo Available)
  • Genokids (PC) – TBA (Demo Available)
  • Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip (PC) – Out Now

For even more game announcements, 20 indie titles were featured during the Day of the Devs 2024 stream that followed the Summer Game Fest 2024 main event. Furthermore, this year’s edition of the Guerrilla Collective showcase was held on June 7, 2024 and it showcased over 70 games.

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