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Here is a New Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road of Heroes Match Trailer

inazuma eleven victory road of heroes trailer

A new trailer for Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road of Heroes shows off how you can control your team in matches. The full details of the development process is on the Level-5 blog. Part of the reason for the lack of updates was due to difficulties in developing how matches would play without a touch pen.

Because Inazuma Eleven players are more familiar with using a touch pen (since the series originated on the Nintendo DS) they had to figure out a good way to bring that same experience onto consoles. Though the team tried to create a control system similar to existing soccer games, it was not the answer they were looking for.

If players had always played with a touch pen, then why not just keep it that way? So with that thought in mind, they created the current control system. The team then continued development from there. You can use a touch pen, your finger, or the D-pad and analog stick to freely move in any direction.

This was the biggest wall in the development of the game. You can view the new trailer showing off matches in Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road of Heroes here:

As you can see in the video, passing and shooting all use one button. You can choose which hissatsu moves you want to use. The video shows tons of characters from the previous series, but none of the new ones.

Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road of Heroes is in development and will come out on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and mobile devices in Japan. More information on the game (including the story, characters, and other game mechanics) will appear in February 2023.

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