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Here’s How Some Whip Moves Will Change in KOF XV

Here's How Some Whip Moves Will Change in KOF XV

One of the most recent KOF XV characters SNK showed off is Whip, and now there are more details about her return. Character Designer Tomohiro Nakata discussed how she changed this time around. He also highlighted the fact that she’s not only allied with Heidern’s team, but isn’t on Team Ikari either.

Here’s Nakata’s full statement on how Whip works in KOF XV.

With her trusty whip “Voodoo” by her side, this fierce soldier has carried out countless missions with impressive marks.

Though Heidern is her commanding general, she is not part of his team nor Team Ikari.

Many of you I’m sure are excited to see what happens when the Ikari unit pulls up to the scene, but that information is classified, private!

Ahem, anyway in regard to her movements, she can now cancel from her far C (first hit), crouching A, and her forward A (first hit), giving her more options from mid-range.

Moreover, the attack Strength Shot Type B “Code: Strength,” which was originally 2 hits with the second hit pulling the opponent close, is now just that second hit. With this, Whip is able to pull her enemies close not only on hit, but also on block.

To make the deal sweeter, she can also move first before her opponent reacts, too.

The game is about to get even more fun with Whip as you catch your opponents off-guard from mid-range and cancel into devastating specials from her normal attacks.

Prior to the talk about how Whip will behave in KOF XV, Nakata talked about some newer characters. Last time, the character designer went over Isla and Dolores.

KOF XV will appear on February 17, 2022 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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