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KOF XV Whip Trailer Shows Her Off in This Entry

KOF XV Whip trailer

SNK has published the 34th character trailer for The King of Fighters XV. It gives the spotlight to Whip, who is poised to join the KOF XV roster at launch instead of DLC.

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The trailer shows how Whip uses her literal weapon of her choice. It allows her to launch attacks from a safe range. Of course, she can also use it to grapple her opponent or move them to the other side. You can see more of how Whip will perform in KOF XV in the trailer below.

Whip is a recurring KOF character who debuted in The King of Fighters ’99. She had continuous appearances in the mainline games until The King of Fighters XI — the first mainline KOF to use Roman numerals and the sequel to KOF 2003. However, she was not playable in KOF XII and XIII.

SNK added Whip as one of the post-release DLC characters for The King of Fighters XIV — the first mainline KOF game to use 3D models — in April 2017. This new trailer confirms that Whip will be part of the 39-character roster available in KOF XV.

Recent character reveals for KOF XV included Isla, Dolores, and Heidern. SNK has confirmed that the three of them will form Team Rival. There are five more characters who have yet to receive their own trailers as of this writing.

The King of Fighters XV will be available for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and PC on February 17, 2022.

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