Here’s How You Can Get 12,000 Crystals From Granblue Fantasy’s Generous April Fools’ Event



Cygames initially announced that the first 100 players to complete a new puzzle-themed event would receive 10,000 Crystals but after an Apit was announced that all players will get the bonus, plus extended time.



The “Enigma Fantasy” event was originally announced as an April Fools’ event that was to only last for 24 hours with only the first 100 players to solve the puzzle getting 10,000 Crystals. However, this has since then been changed to all participating players getting the 10,000 Crystals plus an extra 48 hours that will have it last until 11:59pm JST on April 3, 2019.



The event is produced by Scrap Entertainment, the company behind the many collaboration puzzle rooms known as Real Escape Games, and similar to the actual puzzle event, it has players solve a series of riddles.


While you’re more than welcome to figure out the puzzles on your own for the next two days, those of you who don’t mind getting the answers to get a hold of the 10,000 Crystals (plus an additional 2,000 from trophies) you can do so now, and players of any rank can participate.


Here are the steps:


Puzzle Set #1

  • 1-1: Obey the Writ – Start out by going to Zinkenstill island, then put Katalina in your party then go to the Home Page and tap the “Switch” button to make Katalina appear in the front. Then press her art for three voice lines until you receive the “Enigma Fantasy Examiner” trophy.
  • 1-2: Hidden Arrows – Go to the Casino and play the “10 Bet slots” for a total of 34 times. You don’t need to count, but just keep playing until you get the “Shh! It’s a Secret” trophy.


Puzzle Set #2

  • 2-1: Follow the Correct Path – Basically have a party of Gran/Djeeta (Main Character) as a solo member in the party. Make them into the Harpist class and simply complete any quest without any party members to get the “Certified by the Hall of Knowledge” trophy.
  • 2-2: Puzzle in the Numbers – If you have a “Wind Rabbit” (Normal Summon) you can simply equip it in all support summon slots, or search your friend list and type “1334” and click on the profile of whoever appears to get the “I was Born to Solve Puzzles” trophy.


Puzzle Set #3

  • 3-1: No Letter Left Behind – Participate in a Trial Battle with Turret Beta for 44 turns to get the “Amazing Maze Escape Artist” trophy.
  • 3-2: Decode It – Check out “Grand Blues!” comic #1218 to get the “Professional Cryptoanalyst” trophy.


Final Puzzle Set

  • The Final Puzzle – Lastly, go to Port Breeze Archipelago and head to town. Here press middle, right, left, left, middle, and top, in that order, to receive the “Enlightened Enigma Elucidator” trophy.


After completing all the puzzle sets, you should get 10,000 Crystals for the final reward. You’ll also get an additional 2,000 from your trophies for a total of 12,000 Crystals that you could either save up for your next Spark or try your luck on the Premium Gala going on right now.


Granblue Fantasy is available on iOS, Android, and PC browser.

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