Here’s How You’ll Share The Idolmaster: P Greeting Kit Cards

The Idolmaster P Greeting Kit - card creation screen

Bandai Namco published more details about The Idolmaster: P Greeting Kit. The upcoming mobile app will help fans of the franchise design their own “business cards” and connect with like-minded people by exchanging them. It turns out, there will be multiple ways to exchange and collect cards. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

With this app, Producers will be able to create cards with either preset templates or entirely from scratch. You are also able to save multiple cards and profiles, which can feature your favorite idols from different games. You may also include their Twitter account and ID numbers from the numerous mobile games.

The app will provide various methods to exchange cards. The first one will be similar to how Japanese people exchange business cards; it can be done by swiping the card towards the recipient even with social distancing considered. You can also do an online search of registered producers and filter them by their favorite idols or Twitter accounts and mobile game IDs. It will be possible to generate and scan QR codes to add cards from other producers as well.

The P Greeting Kit video premiere teased at the end of 2020 involved a pre-recorded show where the series general producer Yozo Sakagami introduced features in the app. P Greeting Kit will come with images of over 300 idols from five active brands in the franchise: The IdolmasterCinderella GirlsMillion LiveShiny Colors, and SideM.

Bandai Namco also published another explanation video on P Greeting Kit,during which staff members from the Idolmaster channel went in-depth into features not detailed in the above trailer. People looking to be more creative and create a card design can even load other images from their device.

The Idolmaster: P Greeting Kit will be available for Android and iOS mobile devices this Winter.

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