Hololive English Opens Male Vtuber Auditions Again

Hololive English Opens Male Vtuber Auditions Again

Hololive English took to its Twitter account to announce it opened Holostars male Vtuber auditions on December 17, 2022. To go along with that, it shared a brief promotional video. It shows the four current Holostars available the group Tempus. This comes after it revealed in March 2022 that auditions for men opened.

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While Hololive English Tempus features prominently in the video advertising male Vtuber auditions, it is more to show what the job entails. After showing the group, it offered a quick peek at Axel Syrios, Regis Altare, Noir Vesper, and Magni Dezmond’s debut streams. The second portion shows all four participating in a group stream together. It notes that performers will also be able to release music like original songs. Axel’s birthday merchandise is also shown, to note that they will get to release items connected to them. Magni’s shows up after that.

The page to apply for auditions is the general Hololive English Vtuber site. It notes that someone does need to be over 18, but nationality and gender aren’t issues. It also notes that knowing Japanese, having streaming experience, and skills as an actor or musician are appreciated. You can’t be affiliated with other agencies. Also, passing the audition doesn’t guarantee you will become a Holostar or Hololive performer.

The Tempus Holostars group debuted in July 2022. Its four members are Regis (the leader), Axel, Magni, and Noir.

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