Hololive EN Opens Auditions For Male VTubers

hololive en auditions

Cover announced that it opened up auditions for male VTubers who have interest in joining Hololive EN. To date, Hololive EN consists only of female VTubers. This means that those who pass these auditions will be the first male VTubers for the EN branch.

Similar to previous auditions, the requirements are fairly simple. In the case of Hololive, Cover will provide a Live2D model and equipment. In order to successfully make an application, you must be able to continuously deliver content for a year minimum and three times a week. You must also be older than 18, and must have a history of content distribution. This essentially means that you must have some sort of experience with content creation.

Hololive EN’s male VTuber unit will be its third batch of content creators. Myth, which consists of VTubers like Mori Calliope and Gawr Gura, debuted in 2020. Council, on the other hand, consists of VTubers like Ouro Kronii and Nanashi Mumei, and debuted in 2021. The Hololive EN units have characters with very lore-heavy backgrounds, which is the aesthetic that the third male unit will likely have as well.

The Hololive EN auditions open right now are open to male VTubers. Nijisanji EN is also accepting applications for both male and female VTubers.

Stephanie Liu
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