Hololive Council New Kimono Outfits Revealed

Hololive Council Kimono

The Council has decided its wardrobe. Hololive Council, the second-generation Hololive English VTuber group, received a new set of outfits to commemorate the new year. In keeping with the Japanese practice of donning traditional wear to New Year’s celebrations, the new outfits took the form of the Japanese kimono. Ceres Fauna, Nanasi Mumei, Hakos Baelz, Tsukumo Sana, and Ouro Kronii, revealed their new kimono looks to Hololive Council fans live on January 15, 2022. Their seniors in Holomyth showed off theirs on January 9, 2022.

The artists and animators responsible for the new Hololive Council kimono outfits also promoted their work going live, with Tweets and material shared from each performer’s stream under the hashtag #HoloENKimonoRelay (the “relay” referring to a collaborative stream with other Hololive English members). The new kimono avatars, animated with Live2D technology and sporting new features, were patterned after “furisode” (“swinging sleeves”), a style of kimono with long, draping sleeves, a style worn by young women.

Artist @tou_ilie rigged (adapted for Live2D animation) Tsukumo Sana’s kimono, based on a design by Sana’s character designer pako. Her planet-themed hair ornaments moved lower onto braids, with new planet ornaments on the sash. Integrated into the patterns of the clothing are stars, bunnies, and crabs, in theme with Sana’s astrological motif.

Nanashi Mumei’s New Year’s kimono was rigged by artist Felucca, with the base model created by modeler rariemonn and designed by illustrator Azure. The new design features a new, shorter hairstyle and a beret with a feather. The kimono itself is more understated, featuring subtle patterns of flowers and feathers, topped by a red shawl. She carries a basket with a pet owl inside.

Hololive Council chairman Hakos Baelz wore a more stylized kimono designed by Mika Pikazo and rigged by Jujube. The outfit features a complex layered pattern, lets Baelz’s hair down, and adds a special mask and temari ball as accessories.

Artists Tohsaka Asagi and Soy designed Ceres Fauna’s flowery kimono. Fauna’s hair features twin braids, as well as woven flowers and an apron.

Ouro Kronii sported another design from Arco “Wadarco” Wada, character designer for Fate/Extra. Artist Keffiy returned to rig her kimono as well. The outfit features Kronii’s hair done up in a bun, as well as clockwork gears and flowers. A large white snake named Ouroboros features as a prominent design element on the sleeves and hem. She also holds a stylized clockwork fan.

The Hololive Council also convened to play Pictionary in their new kimono avatars.

The Hololive Council streams from their respective YouTube channels. A Hololive Alternativemetaverse” project is in development.

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