Hololive Myth Chibi Acrylic Stands Will Appear Soon

Hololive English Myth acrylic stands from behind

Japanese manufacturer Tsukumo teased a new collection of merchandise that looks to be acrylic stands based on Hololive English -Myth- VTubers through Twitter. It will make an official reveal of the goods, including the methods that fans can use to buy them, at a later date.

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The tweet shows the backs of all five Hololive Myth VTubers — Ina’nis, Kiara, Amelia, Calliope, and Gura — depicted with chibi proportions. The image confirms that the standees will show the hair and head accessories for each character.

Tsukumo has produced merchandise related to Hololive VTubers in the past. Those outside of Japan can also purchase its products on Buyee. However, it mostly focused on the popular Japanese VTubers, such as Sora, Noel, Flare, Marine, and Pekora. This will be the first time the manufacturer creates goods based on the group’s international VTubers.

The Hololive Myth VTubers also have other merchandise in the works. After the group members revealed their party outfits in early December 2021, Cover announced that it will ship merchandise based on their new looks in 2022. The first English group, along with the second group Council and Indonesian VTubers, will also be present in Hololive’s 2022 calendars and Weiss Schwarz trading card game booster packs.

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