Usada Pekora is Getting a New Outfit

Usada Pekora is Getting a New Outfit

Usada Pekora is getting a new outfit this month. Hololive confirmed the Vtuber’s new look is on the way. People will be able to see it at 4am PT/7am ET/1pm CET/9pm JST on December 19, 2021. While there’s no clear look at it yet, the design ended up teased online.

Here’s the official announcement. It includes a silhouette of her in her new dress. It looks like a new hairstyle is in order too. Her current one involves braided pigtails with carrot accents.

Usada Pekora isn’t the only one with a new dress. Another group of Hololive Vtubers got new looks in December 2021 too. When the month started, Cover confirmed Hololive En Myth members would all get party outfits. They’ve since been revealed. New merchandise of them in said dresses also appeared. This could also mean new Pekora items with her in her new look.

For people who like her current look, there’s merchandise of that too. Good Smile COmpany is making a figma of her in it.

The Usada Pekora new outfit debut will occur on her stream on December 19, 2021 at 4am PT/7am ET/1pm CET/9pm JST.

Jenni Lada
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