Hololive Production Vtubers Can Now Stream Square Enix Games

hololive vtuber square enix

Cover Corp announced that it signed a licensing agreement with Square Enix on May 14, 2021. This effectively allows all Vtubers under Hololive Production to stream and monetize games published by Square Enix. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

While some Hololive Vtubers had previously published playthroughs of games from the Dragon Quest series, the agreement effectively allows all of them to stream more Square Enix-owned franchises, such as Final Fantasy and Star Ocean. This allowance also applies to Vtubers in Hololive’s foreign English and Indonesian branches, as well as the male Vtuber group Holostars.

The agreement also gives consent to past streams of Square Enix games made by Hololive members. Archived streams that had to be made private due to concerns of copyright issues may be publicized again after this announcement.

Prior to this Square Enix agreement, Cover signed a licensing agreement with Capcom in March 2021. This allowed all Hololive Production Vtubers to stream Capcom’s games like Monster Hunter Rise and the Resident Evil series.

In November 2020, the company also signed an agreement with Sega, allowing its Vtubers to stream titles published directly by Sega, such as Phantasy Star Online 2 and the Yakuza series. However, the agreement did not include games published by Atlus.

Hololive is a popular group of Virtual YouTubers that publish streams of not only game playthroughs but also other activities like drawing and singing sessions. Nippon Ichi Software even released Disgaea 6 DLC characters inspired by some of the Vtubers for free.

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