Hololy App Update Added Holostars VTubers

Hanasaki Miyabi and other Holostars VTubers appear in hololy app

Holostars VTubers have appeared in hololy. Cover has released a version 2.2.0 update that adds 3D models from the male VTuber group into the roster. All nine active members in the group — Miyabi, Izuru, Aruran, Rikka, Astel, Temma, Roberu, Shien, and Oga — are now present in the app.

hololy is an AR mobile app where users can project 3D models of Hololive Production’s VTubers via a device’s camera. Before the Holostars update, hololy only featured the Japanese Hololive VTubers up to the 5th generation members. The 4th-generation VTuber Uruha Rushia — whose contract was terminated in late February 2022 — is no longer included in the roster. The new update added a Holostars tab on the character selection screen.

Cover has been making many efforts to expand Holostars’ presence in recent months. In late December 2021, the company teased that new Japanese members would join the group in 2022. In early March 2022, the English branch of Hololive Production opened auditions for male VTubers. The latter hinted that Cover will establish Holostars EN in the near future. All active Holostars VTubers will also appear at Hololive Super Expo 2022 on March 19-20, 2022.

hololy is available on Android and iOS mobile devices. While the app is available to download worldwide, it currently only has a Japanese language interface.

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