How Many Fire Emblem Engage Chapters Are There how long to beat

How Many Fire Emblem Engage Chapters Are There?

Now that Fire Emblem Engage is here, someone might wonder how long it would take to beat the game and many chapters appear. Which is a complicated question! Like yes, there are the standard campaign chapters. However, there are also supplemental Paralogues which are optional and don’t have to be completed. So depending on how much a player wants to do, the answer is either 26 or 41.

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How Many Fire Emblem Engage Chapters Are There: The Easy Answer

It’s 26. The main campaign only has 26. However, as a note, there are two chapters that are essentially “extended” and take longer than you’d expect. Both chapter 10 and 26 are fairly involved with multiple parts. Make sure you set aside extra time to complete those. (Though also, you can quick save at any time.)

How Many Fire Emblem Engage Chapters Are There: The More Intricate Answer

In addition to the 26 mainline chapters, there are 12 Paralogue chapters that increase the Bond level cap for Emblem Rings, two Paralogues with additional characters, and a final Paralogue that nets you the Pact Ring. That brings the total chapter count up to 41. Those 15 are all optional. However, I would strongly recommend, at the very least, going through the 12 Emblem Ring chapters and two that unlock Anna and Jean as playable characters.

As for how long it might take to beat Fire Emblem Engage, I finished after about 45 hours. However, that did take into account multiple hours spent grinding in optional battles on the world map.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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