How Many Pokemon Are There? 1008 Pokemon Video Shows Them All

How Many Pokemon Are There? 1008 Pokemon Video Shows Them All

The Pokemon Company decided to answer the question “How many Pokemon are there” by sharing a video showing all 1008 currently available. As one might expect, the Scarlet and Violet new characters get the most focus. However, the almost nine minute long video does show every one currently available, including regional variants from games like Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

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Editor’s Note: This video looking at how many Pokemon there are features spoilers for Scarlet and Violet.

As one might expect, the new video begins with ones appearing in games like Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. In-game footage is used for all characters. In the case of Pokemon with variants, like Alcremie or even Spinda, there are segments showing off some of the different possible appearance options. Regional variants start to show up around the four minute mark. Ultra Beasts from Sun and Moon begin to appear at the 4:30 point, followed by legendaries from different installments.

By the 6:18 mark, the video shifts to the Paldea region. It spends the rest of the 8:44 video offering more focused looks at the new characters introduced in Scarlet and Violet. At the 8:06 mark, spoilers start to appear. No new Pokemon appear in the video.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for the Nintendo Switch.

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