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How to Get Cluffowl and Woolum Livestock in Harvestella

How to Get Cluffowl and Woolum Livestock in Harvestella

You can’t just immediately go to your local livestock vender in Harvestella to pick up the game’s equivalent of chickens (Cluffowl) and goats (Woolum). You actually need to progress through the storyline a bit to unlock those two kinds of animals. Yes, you can buy eggs and milk before that from different vendors. But there’s a bit of effort that goes into adding both to your farm.

First, you’ll need to play through the second chapter of Harvestella. This will send you to the first Seaslight dungeon in Higan Canyon. This one will be to the east. If you turn right and head in that direction, you’ll be able to find one at the end of a path. Doing so will cause the Lethe Village Conellu Emporium to open.

Initially, the Conellu Emporium won’t sell any livestock in Harvestella. Instead, it will only offer Cluffowl Feed for 100 Grilla, Woolumn Feed for 100 Grilla, a 200 Grilla Feed Maker Recipe, and a 4,000 Grilla Totokaku mount. (The Totokaku is basically the Harvestella equivalent of a horse.)

How to Get Cluffowl and Woolum Livestock in Harvestella

However, after you make some additional investments, you can start buying both kinds of critters. The Harvestella Renovator charges 5,000 Grilla for a Cluffowl Pen and 6,500 for a Woolum one, and you’ll also need to have five pieces of Hard Stone and five pieces of Lumber for each. You can hold three of each kind of animal in a pen initially. Once you have a pen, the Conellu Emporium will begin selling the kind of animal that could use it. So if you build a Cluffowl pen, you can buy one of those bird-like babies for 500 Grilla. If you went with a Woolum one, you can buy a Woolum for 900 Grilla.

Once you get livestock in Harvestella, you’ll need to care for them like you would in any farming sim. You feed them to care for them, and petting them each day makes them like you more.

Harvestella is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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