How to Obtain a Star Rail Special Pass in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail features an in-game currency system that will allow for players to roll on limited-time banners, with the Star Rail Special Pass being one such item players will need. In order to obtain a Star Rail Special Pass, players will need Stellar Jade. This currency can be obtained by going through the story, and by completing objectives and unlock achievements. However, this currency comes in at a fairly sluggish pace. Which means that players will more than likely want to hoard their Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail to obtain the Star Rail Special Pass.

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Star Rail Special Pass Honkai Star Rail

Once you have the required Stellar Jade (which is 160 Stellar Jade for a single Star Rail Special Pass), head over to the “Store” menu. From there go to the “Stellar Trade” option and you’ll find two different selectable tickets. One is the Star Rail Special Pass, while the other is the Star Rail Pass. The difference between the two is what kinds of banners they can be used on. For example, the Star Rail Pass can be used on any normal banner, which includes the regular “Stellar Warp” option. Whereas the Star Rail Special Pass is exclusively used on limited time banners. These are signified by the “Event” in their title in the Warp section.

There are other ways to obtain the Star Rail Special Pass. One is by rolling on banners. Rolling on banners will allow you to acquire the “Undying Embers” item, which is effectively pity currency. This currency can be used through the Embers Exchange option to redeem for a total of 5 Star Rail Special Passes a month for 90 Undying Ember a piece. You can also get 5 standard Star Rail Passes a month with the currency. But it’s best saved for the Star Rail Special Pass.

Finally, there is the Nameless Honor battle pass. If you pay for the Nameless Glory tier, achieving daily, weekly, and patch period goals will earn you experience that lets you hit new tiers. Some tiers include this kind of pass as a reward.

Honkai: Star Rail will come to the PC and mobile devices on April 26, 2023. It will also eventually appear on the PS4 and PS5.

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