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How to Unlock the Occultist in Diablo IV

Occultist Unlock Diablo IV

The Occultist in Diablo IV is perhaps one of the most important NPCs you will have access to throughout the game. The Occultist performs a variety of actions for the player, which includes the ability to apply Aspects and remove Aspects from weapons. This will be integral to creating end game builds fit to tackle some of the most challenging content in the game. This guide will break down how you can unlock the Occultist in Diablo IV.

First, you will need to complete the Prologue in Diablo IV. This is easy enough and should only take ten or twenty minutes depending on your actions. You will know once you’ve completed the Prologue, since reaching Kyovashad and seeing Lorath off will now open up the main player hub.

The next step is relatively simple, as players will need to complete a Dungeon in order to unlock access to the Occultist in Diablo IV. Dungeons can be found throughout Sanctuary and are marked with an icon that looks a bit like a grated door. You can see the icon and the example of a Dungeon below. This can be tackled at any level, so you can get immediate access to this NPC within your first hour of the game. However, you will unlock the Occultist simply through progression at level 20.

How to Unlock Occultist Diablo IV

Dungeons reward players with unique class specific Aspects. So it is worth checking out which Dungeons will potentially be beneficial for you to run for your build.

Diablo IV is available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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