Identity V’s Crystal Ball Mode Will Have More Aggressive Gameplay


Aside from the usual four versus one gameplay in Identity V, there are extra game modes such as Tarot and Blackjack. Among these Violent Struggle modes, a new version of Tarot, the Crystal Ball mode, will arrive in Identity V. It’s exact arrival date is unknown. Crystal Ball mode is basically the same as Tarot but with the ability to power up your characters.

Like the normal Tarot mode, there are eight players in one game, split into two teams of four. The two Squires must protect their King, while the Knight must try to eliminate the opposing team’s King. In Crystal Ball mode, Knights can power up their abilities, such as increasing attack range and numbers of hits. An example of this is in the promotional video on Identity V’s official Twitter, showing off Jack sending out three foggy blades instead of the usual one.

Squires and Kings can also upgrade their abilities. For example, a Coordinator’s gun will stun the Hunter as well as apply an Acrobat’s Fire Bomb status, which seals away a Hunter’s abilities. Not everyone will be playable in Crystal Ball mode, however. Players who usually main Barmaid or Soul Weaver will need to find another character to play.

Identity V is currently running the Midsummer Reminiscing Event, which gives players the chance to obtain a free accessory for Wu Chang. In addition, a Detective Conan crossover and two new Survivors are on their way to the game.

Identity V is readily available worldwide on mobile devices and Windows PC. The Crystal Ball mode will appear in the near future.

Stephanie Liu
Stephanie is a Canadian writer, translator, anime fan, and gamer. She only exhibits her true power at night.