Ifrit Beats Up Bahamut in New Final Fantasy XVI Footage

Ifrit Beats Up Bahamut in New Final Fantasy XVI Footage

Square Enix is continuing its new tradition of sharing Final Fantasy XVI fight footage on its official Twitter account, and the latest is a bout between Ifrit and Bahamut. Clive, as Ifrit, faces off against the Eikon. While it’s only a brief clip, it offers a better look at how this rendition of Bahamut will look.

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The Final Fantasy XVI Clive and Bahamut footage already begins with the legendary Dragon King at a disadvantage. The Eikon’s health is below half, while Clive, as Ifrit, is still almost at full health. The fight appears to be taking place in the air. Ifrit is in the midst of a combo as it all begins, which leads into a Fireball Burst attack and ends with a Backdraft Finish. Bahamut backs off after that, leading to the player having Ifrit use a Charged Shot to continue to deal ranged damage. There’s also a Precision Dodge and Counter Shot to deal with Bahamut’s ranged attacks. This leads into another Fireball Burst and Burst Finish combo. However the video ends with Bahamut dealing some damage to Ifrit with a Mortal Coil attack.

As a reminder, Prince Dion Lesage of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque is the Dominant of Bahamut in Final Fantasy XVI. He’s also a dragoon.

These sorts of clips are common social media additions at this point. In April 2023, Square Enix also showed Clive fighting Ifrit and a Salamander.

Final Fantasy XVI will come to the PS5 on June 22, 2023.

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