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See Clive and Ifrit Fight in Final Fantasy XVI Footage

See Clive and Ifrit Fight in Final Fantasy XVI Footage

See Clive and Ifrit Fight in Final Fantasy XVI Footage

Now that Final Fantasy XVI’s release is drawing nearer, Square Enix is regularly sharing details and gameplay footage on the official Twitter account. Many of these new clips focus on major characters. For example, the last two Final Fantasy XVI videos showed fights involving Clive and Ifrit.

The first bit of footage appeared on April Fools’ Day. That involved Clive fighting the Final Fantasy XVI version of a Salamander. The clip began with him using the Megaflare attack against it. This chained into a Zantetsuken, which finished off the opponent.

Next, here’s another peek at Ifrit fighting an Eikon in Final Fantasy XVI. This time, it’s an attack on Titan. The footage begins with Ifrit using a Precision Dodge to avoid Titan’s Geocrush attack, then performing a Precision Counter. Ifrit then uses Fireball Burst with a Burst Finish, then dodges another attack and counters again. The footage ends with a Combination Stomp and Pyrosault.

This is the second recent look at a fight involving Ifrit in the game. At the end of March 2023, Square Enix showed another match that involved attacking Typhon.

Final Fantasy XVI will come to the PS5 on June 22, 2023. There will be a six-month exclusivity period. Square Enix announced the game went gold at the end of March 2023, meaning that it is ready to ship.

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