Ike Will Finally Be Available In Fire Emblem Heroes Sometime After Summer, With A Special Costume



When Fire Emblem Heroes had their “Choose Your Legends” campaign, Ike won the top spot for male Heroes, but we’ve yet to see him added to the game. We now know that he’ll join by this summer, according to the game’s official Japanese Twitter account.


As you may recall, the Choose Your Legends campaign ended with Ike and Roy as the top two for male Heroes, Lyn and Lucina as the top two for female Heroes. So far we’ve seen the other three but Ike has yet to join in on the game.


While Ike has yet to officially be revealed for the game, the above tweet shares an announcement that they’re preparing special version characters for the top four winners from the popularity campaign. They shared a little Ike teaser in Japanese with a voice clip for his upcoming “General Election” version, that is expected to become available sometime after this summer as well as special versions of Roy, Lyn, and Lucina.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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