Indie Title Sliding Angel Has You Racing Down Waterslides, Avoiding Octopi


    This year, the Tokyo Game Show had an indie section that quietly showed off some good stuff, and 4Gamer found a charming little waterpark-themed game slip-sliding into their hearts called Sliding Angel for iOS and Android. In the game, players pick from one of several ladies who have to race down a waterslide, picking up coins and avoiding obstacles such as octopi.



    Those coins can then be used to unlock more swimsuits for the girls to wear, new slide toys – ranging from rubber duckies to plastic sharks – and powerup items including a coin-attracting magnet power. You can also use real money to unlock them faster if you prefer.  There’s also a mini-game where players have to tap the screen at just the right moment to snap pictures of their lovely lasses. For a indie, smartphone game, it looks very well put together.



    The game is out now on iOS and Android in Japan.


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