Infinity Series Remakes Teased by Mages Director Makoto Asada

Infinity Series Remakes

Mages Director Makoto Asada recently talked with Japanese outlet Dengeki. During the interview, Asada said that there is interest within the company to remake and port some entries in the Infinity series, such as Never7 or Ever17. While no specific remakes or ports have been confirmed yet, Asada said that members of the company are currently attempting to get Ever17 to a suitable playable state as a test project. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

The team in charge of the remake project have begun to rummage for old assets and resources for a possible remake of Ever17. In addition, some of the staff who previously remade the game for the Xbox 360 are involved in the project. The team is aware of the reception to the changes made to the Xbox 360 version of Ever17 and will be refining the character models for the remake.

In a direct quote from Asada, he mentioned the circumstances surrounding the interest for Infinity series remakes:

“There are staff members within our company that would really like to port and remake some titles from the Infinity series, like Never7 or Ever17. I told them that if there is a way to get these titles in a suitable playable state under the current circumstances, then we could make it happen.”

The “current circumstances” that Asada is talking about refers to the recent situation that Mages Inc. is going through. After the company entered insolvency, chairman Chiyomaru Shikura stepped down to an executive producer position. The company is currently trying to recover from this situation.

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