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Interview: Preparing Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Interview: Preparing Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection
Image via Capcom

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection launched and basically immediately succeeded. Within about two weeks, sales figures hit a million. It’s a fantastic compilation of games, and Siliconera spoke with Director Masakazu Eguchi to learn more about how it came to be.

Jenni Lada: When did Capcom decide to create the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, and how long has it been in development?

Masakazu Eguchi: The decision was made roughly two years ago. Thanks to the support of many Capcom fans over the years and their desire for Mega Man Battle Network ports, we began development for the Battle Network Legacy Collection.

What sorts of challenges did the team face when preparing the games for the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection?

Eguchi: Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection supports online play, and we faced some challenges developing and reworking online features. We’d dreamed about incorporating online features since the original games released on Game Boy Advance, so it was well worth the effort. Rather than technical problems, we ran into issues locating art/illustrations, planning documents, and other data from the original releases. Some documents had gone missing since these games came out so long ago. Staff who worked on the original releases proactively helped us, and we were able to complete the project.

Image via Capcom

Image via Capcom

Many of the ideas and concepts in the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection series still feel relevant, especially with the prominence of VR technology and metaverses. How do you feel about the enduring legacy?

Eguchi: It honestly makes me happy to hear you say that! Thank you! In the world of Mega Man Battle Network, it was important to depict a near-future setting for which children who played the original games could feel a sense of longing and excitement. The fact that much of the technology depicted in the Battle Network series has become reality for us in the past 20 years helps keep our memories of the series fresh. I think it’d be a lot of fun if technology continues to advance and NetNavis truly begin to play an active role in our society!

Your stories for the Mega Man Battle Network games inspired additional media adaptations. How do you feel about that, and which one do you feel best retells Lan and MegaMan.EXE’s story?

Eguchi: The Battle Network series has been adapted for anime, movies, and other media, but we wanted the creators for each project to depict the world of Battle Network in a way that conveys their own unique flavor. Thus, we let anime directors, manga artists, and other creators develop their adaptations freely. Of course, we reviewed scripts and outlines, but we didn’t comment much on contents. The anime and manga expressed charm and emotions that couldn’t be expressed in the games, which is why I think these media are loved by so many fans.

Interview: Preparing Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Image via Capcom

Buster MAX Mode does make the game easier, but still leaves some challenge for certain boss fights. How did you approach the balance for it?

Eguchi: Buster MAX Mode allows players to land massive damage when hitting opponents with a standard Mega Buster shot. That said, some technique is required to hit enemies with the Mega Buster, and there are still some enemies that you can’t defeat without the use of Battle Chips. These characters help provide a good challenge for players even when Buster MAX Mode is turned on. This has less to do with adjustments we made via Buster MAX Mode and more to do with the high quality of the original games’ designs.

Now that it’s been so many years, which Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection game do you think aged the best?

Eguchi: The most memorable game – the one that I think has the most refined visuals and battle systems – is Mega Man Battle Network 6, which can be thoroughly enjoyed even now. In terms of story, the game that I remember most fondly is Mega Man Battle Network 3. It speaks about a society where people co-exist with NetNavis, it offers a unique battle system, and there aren’t many games like it. I think each game in the series has its own charm that will last for years to come.

How difficult was it to collect the concept art and illustrations for the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Art Gallery? Is there any particular piece that you feel strongly about or was difficult to acquire?

Eguchi: As mentioned previously, we ran into a few challenges while gathering art for the gallery, Battle Chip illustrations, and other creative assets. The art that we’ve been using for promotional purposes were all saved in the Capcom library/archives, but we also searched for and collected design illustrations, rejected concept art, and other pieces that the original designers had in their possession. The art piece that holds a particularly special place in my heart is a piece that Hayato Kaji – Art Director for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection – drew for the first Battle Network game. This piece depicts the characteristic warmth of the Battle Network series in a cool way, and I really like it a lot.

According to initial sales figures in Japan, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection passed 60,000 in sales within its first three days on the market. Did you anticipate this kind of reaction?

Eguchi: The fans’ reaction to the collection exceeded our expectations. Many members of the community have been asking for ports of the Battle Network games for some time, but it fills me with great joy to know that so many fans were patiently waiting for and excited about the Battle Network games.

Can you tell us about the 69 battles you won in a row and what “deck” tips you’d recommend to help players reach that same sort of achievement?

Eguchi: If I were to offer any hints, the Battle Chip that allows you to execute an AreaGrab can definitely help you gain an advantage in battle. Players probably want to equip Battle Chips with strong attacks, don’t forget to boost your defense with chips like Barrier, Aura, and Invisible. Chips that add Attack + abilities can be combined with multi-hit chips to unleash massive amounts of damage, so be sure to try them out. It’s important to build out a Folder of Battle Chips based on how you imagine you’d attain victory. Nothing compares to the extreme excitement of pulling off a win based on strategy, not even using random powerful chips to defeat your opponent.

Keep in mind that strategies you build out may not apply to all opponents. New battles provide you with new opportunities to create fresh strategies, laying the foundation to help you become a stronger and more formidable opponent. Take on many opponents and create the best strategies for you!


Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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