Investigate Your Dad’s Death With Your Gay Pals In Gayway



Italian studio Camouflame has announced its upcoming 2D point-and-click adventure Gayway. It’ll be heading to Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is also listed for iOS and Android on its website; however, the trailer only mentions the PC platforms.


It has you playing as a guy called Frank who arrives in Strongtown to investigate his father’s death. It’s said to have been suicide but Frank claims that his father would never have taken his own life, hence his suspicion.



But Frank isn’t alone. He brings with him four friends, all of whom aren’t appreciated in Strongtown, especially with all their questions and snooping. Apparently, these friends are “used to this kind of welcome,” the implication being that they’re gay and are used to being shunned for it.


Throughout the adventure, you get to play as Frank and all four of his friends, being able to interact with people and objects using the use, give, take, look, talk, and flirt actions. Yes, you can flirt with anything and everything, it seems.


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“What are they going to discover at the end of the journey? One thing’s for sure, the city is about to be changed forever,” reads the game’s description.


How it will be changed isn’t even hinted at so you’ll have to keep an eye on the game’s website for updates, or until the game is out.

Chris Priestman