AR-K is a 3D adventure game that got itself Kickstarted after giving players a taste of its first chapter for free. Starting with Chapter 2, it’s now also adding the voice actress of Tali from Mass Effect.



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Ash Sroka, the voice actress, will be voicing main character Alicia Van Volish. Accused of a crime she didn’t commit and forced out of her job as a cop, Alicia is now an aspiring investigative journalist. A journalist whose past with a mysterious golden ball has come back for you to solve.


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The game is split into episodic content, with Ash coming on board from chapter two, titled The Girl That Wasn’t There. Episode’s 3 and 4 will also see writer Greg Rucka join up, who has written at DC Comics and Marvel on projects including Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Wolverine and Elektra.



Chapter One will also get a re-mastered edition on July 21st to coincide with Chapter 2’s release It will include better animation and additional voices.



AR-K – Chapter 2: The Girl That Wasn’t There– will be released on July 21st on PC and Mac. Chapter One is also available on iOS and Android.


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