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Jack Jeanne Is A New Opera Otome Game For Switch By Tokyo Ghoul Creator And Broccoli



Broccoli and Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida are teaming up for a new opera-themed otome game called Jack Jeanne for the Nintendo Switch in 2020. Here’s a first look with a trailer and story details.


The project started about three years ago. Sui Ishida is not only doing the character designs, but also its worldview, theatrical setting, system, lyrics, and more as an overall producer of the game. As for the story, it is being written together with Shin Towada who worked on the Tokyo Ghoul light novels.


The story surrounds an all-men’s opera troupe called Tamasaka. The troupe has men play the role of women, and they even own the Univers Opera School that is known for its performances and upbringing talent. Their performances are said to be so overwhelmingly dazzling that the audience can’t even look away for a second.


Students who enter the school, which is tough to get into, get split into four classes as part of their studies of theater, all while competing amongst each other to earn the title of top class of Univers.


Protagonist Saki Tachibana has given up on theater, but due to a certain event she’s given a special permission to attend Univers so long as she meets two conditions. The first condition is to star in the final play at the end of the first year. The second condition, is for her to hide the fact that she is a woman.


In order to make her dreams come true, and for her classmates, she must become the cog in the wheel while deepening her bond with friends. What awaits the protagonist in the future after spending time with her friends?


Jack Jeanne releases in Japan in 2020 for Nintendo Switch.

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