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Japanese Dragon Quest Builders 2 Demo Arrives On December 6, 2018


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Square Enix has been delivering regular Dragon Quest Builders 2 updates via its official website and live streams, and we now know when the Japanese Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo will arrive, thanks to the November 14, 2018 “Dragon Quest Builders 2 Builders School Multiplayer Party.” Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 owners who have Japanese accounts will be able to sample the game starting December 6, 2018.


The Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo will be a solo experience. After people download it, it will take them through the tutorial and first island. As a reminder, Dragon Quest Builders received a similar sort of demo that allowed people to experience around the first hour of the game. However, while it is a single player sample, you can use the Bulletin Board feature, which allows you to take in-game screenshots with a photo mode that includes things like filters and image adjustments, then share them to the online Bulletin Board with a caption for other players to read.


The Bulletin Board will have screenshots and landscapes. The former lets someone see a picture, while the later lets someone visit your island. Anyone on any platform can visit and see these. In addition, you can get to see pictures taken on the Dragon Quest Builders 2 loading screens, and a ranking system will be in place to allow you to see and judge screenshots. There will even be in-game photo contests.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 will also introduce the Builder Pencil. This is a tool a player can use to create custom blueprints for original buildings they have created in the game. Once you scan and create a blueprint, you can then place it and exactly remake that building, after acquiring the right parts, again. Four of these custom plans can be held at a time.


In case you want to see the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Builders School Multiplayer Party and see features like the Bulletin Board and blueprint-creating pencil, you can see it below. The Bulletin Board portion starts 11 minutes into the video, while the Builder Pencil portion begins at the 27 minute mark.



Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be released in Japan on December 20, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game is headed West in 2019.

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