The Journey Down: Chapter 2 Takes You To Dark Jazzy Streets



    SkyGoblin has released the second chapter of its three-part Afro-Caribbean-flavored point-and-click adventure game, The Journey Down, for PC and iOS.


    If you’re unfamiliar, The Journey Down follows Bwana and his sidekick Kito as they puzzle their way towards Underland, guided by a journal, in order to find out the fate of their long lost father, Captain Kaonandodo. The first chapter released in 2012 introduced the characters and had them set off on their journey down into the mists of the Edge. The first chapter of the series was a hit among critics and players alike.


    In this second chapter, you’ll follow Bwana, Kito, and new companion Lina, as they’re chased by pirates and the law in the foggy and treacherous town of Port Artue. It’s a jazzy place with dark, wet streets that wouldn’t be out of place in film noir. Whereas the first chapter’s soundtrack was reggae and saxophones, this second chapter has a funky, big band soundtrack to match its darker setting.


    To celebrate the release of The Journey Down: Chapter 2, SkyGoblin has made the first chapter free to download on iOS for a short time. It’s also been temporarily discounted to just $0.69 on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


    As for the second chapter, you can purchase it for $4.99 on iOS, and at the launch week price of $8.09 on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which is down from its full price of $8.99.  Android versions of each chapter are on the way.


    There is more information about The Journey Down available on its website.

    Chris Priestman

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